Hello list,

The claim made in the message is unsubstantiated, as can easily be seen on the 
package's page. I think the submitter is a package hoarder, because he has 
383(!) packages on the AUR, most probably acquired through such requests.
This has happened before and leads to a centralization of the AUR.

In this particular case, the last request for a PKGBUILD update was only made 
this morning at around 8 AM. The requester submitted the request today at 8 PM.
His claim that there were many comments with working PKGBUILDs is irrelevant, 
because the only new one is from this morning around 8 AM.  The following claim 
that there were no reaction sice 2016 is irrelevant as well, because the last 
comment before that was only towards the end of march. 
I consider the submission of the request after only 12 hours to be an attempt 
at a package takeover, because the requester attempted to create the illusion 
of an inactive maintainer.
I kindly ask to take care about accepting such requests and to take apropriate 
action against such attempts.

Kind regards

Noel Kuntze

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