On 11/5/19 1:17 PM, Nadir wrote:
> Hi Eli,
> this was my first AUR package, so it was lack of knowledge.
> I can easily update it.
> It is too late?
Feel free to reupload a fixed PKGBUILD.

P.S. I notice now that it actually had the tarball checked into git. In
general, the AUR is not a source code hosting platform, only a PKGBUILD
hosting platform, so PKGBUILDs, patches, small config files and so on
are good to check into git, but other things probably should not be.
Also, tarballs do not compress well in git. So really that should be
uploaded somewhere else, such as github.

Either way, makepkg simply won't work without the sources in the
source=() array. The location of $srcdir (which is where the package
function is run from) does not have to be next to the PKGBUILD, so ../
cannot be used to access files. makepkg will guarantee that all files in
the source=() array are symlinked into $srcdir and extracted if they are
tarballs, regardless of where the $srcdir directory is relocated. (See
the makepkg documentation for $BUILDDIR.)

Eli Schwartz
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