Adam, not sure what you are looking at.  The entry page shows 
class,type,rego,names, and club.  There is a sort filter at the top as well.


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Subject: Re: [Aus-soaring] NSW State Comps - Temora 9-16 Dec

Just entered, looking forward to the championships!

Is there anywhere the competitors can see the budget for the entry fee?

I note the entry list only shows what class competitors have entered in too, 
ie, no names.


On 3 Aug 2017 19:29, wrote:

  Hi everyone,

  Time to organise your leave and accrue your brownie points now so you can 
  all come out and play at the NSW State Championships at Temora.
  Dates are the 9th December to the 16th December.  We are due for one of 
  those booming seasons and Temora is in the middle of the best bit of it.

  Entry form is online at our website:

  There is a limit to the entries so get in early to reserve your place.

  Temora Gliding Club

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