When the photo of Inyokern (KIYK) that Macca attached was taken there were no longer airline activities, so we stole back "their" area of the public use airport to park and assemble on a nice smooth surface. Even during airline operations, nobody on the GA side of the line thought about wearing high vis.
Unsure what happens if the line is crossed when active.

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For those that read David Forsyth committee recommendations on aviation to our government they recommended ASIC were not necessary in Australia and we revert to regulation "like the rest of world".

OK serious jet airports should still require ASIC I suggest but regional non screening prop jet airports it is a joke.

Thagarmindah have sign that reads "HIVis beyond this point" with zero mention od ASIC (have dash 8 service) Emerald have a white or yellow line for the RPT no go area but I like the USA (see photo) with big wide red line on pavement and I guess a fine if you go into the RPT area. Else where guess secure gate and you can drive in to retrieve your glider.

There is yet another minister for aviation (infrastructure) so it is time to knock on the door yet again. I think it is good that baggage handlers and refuelers must be scanned at city airports. The one good thing coming from ASIC and secure airports is high kangaroos proof fences at most country airports so the RFDS king air can safely come in during the night and the RFDS continues to save lives. In Australia kangaroo strikes with aircraft significant numbers but reducung, aircraft and pilot terrorist NIL

We all know certain airports have little Hitler's in charge of airport security and I always avoid these airports and never stay in those towns overnight

Let's get priorities for safety in aviation in correct order

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