Been fighting a weird issue for the past week with a AAPT resold Telstra
Wholesale DA service.

The service was completed last week and successfully tests by both carriers
however with the customers Mikrotik device the service does not function
correctly with only RX data within a tagged vlan 1024 (This is an untagged
service and the AGG vlan is not 1024).

When we perform a data capture from within the Mikrotik we can see ARP and
ECHO responses being performed from the CPE to the AGG Router that are
being sent out untagged.

The show stopper here is if we plug a laptop directly into the MRV the
service works correctly.

We have changed Mikrotik Routers and also tried different series devices,
interface speeds and different MAC address ranges. We've provisioned
hundreds of these and this is the first that I'm stumped on.

This is a difficult issue to explain and even harder when both AAPT and
Telstra saying no fault found.

Reference Images:

My Hope is someone here has seen this issue before and give me a sanity


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