Hi Henry,

For open source your best bet is Asterisk. If you use one of the derivitives 
such as FreePBX, you'll even get a nice Web based front end for management 
rather than messing with configuration files.

From the paid solutions:
Skype for Business if you're a Microsoft shop.
Most other manufacturers produce IP based physical platforms,  Avaya, MiTel, 
Panasonic, NEC, Samsung, Alcatel. These range from physical hardware similar to 
virtual machine based software controllers.

There are also a range of hosted IP systems where the provider will drop a link 
into your office,  throw some phones on your desks and then all the  PSTN 
carriage as well as platform management are handled by them.

As so the suitability of any of the platforms,  this obviously depends on the 
size of your installation,  the in house skills you may have,  as well as the 
features you may require.


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My institution is looking at installing an IP Phone system and we are welcome 
to ideas. Apart from Cisco and Shoretel are there any alternatives, open source 


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