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I have to admit I'm fairly surprised that no-one has any comments about the
impending changes to the Australian system of domain names...

I suppose when customers start asking/complaining about weird new
characters under .au or missing <com|net|org|edu|id|asn|gov> and land in
your helpdesk queues you'll do something...
I'm not surprised at all auDA struggle to enforce the policies they already have at times, with people using canceled ABN numbers to register au domains to setup fake websites to scam Au consumers. Also you destroyed the .au space when you allowed the commercialization of the space and people now just sit on .com.au domains for years. As for new TLDs some of them make sense such as .hosting for website hosting companies as an example, but ones like .wtf  are just silly. As for .au its just going to be another extension to add to the hundreds we have already got. We don't really need it, as we already have .id.au for personal domains and if we are going to continue down this path, we might as well dispose of the organisation and just open up the entire .au namespace.

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