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Chreis Chaundy

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 12:11 PM, Chad Kelly <> wrote:

> On 2/13/2018 7:43 AM, wrote:
> I have to admit I'm fairly surprised that no-one has any comments about the
>> impending changes to the Australian system of domain names...
>> I suppose when customers start asking/complaining about weird new
>> characters under .au or missing <com|net|org|edu|id|asn|gov> and land in
>> your helpdesk queues you'll do something...
> I'm not surprised at all auDA struggle to enforce the policies they
> already have at times, with people using canceled ABN numbers to register
> au domains to setup fake websites to scam Au consumers. Also you destroyed
> the .au space when you allowed the commercialization of the space and
> people now just sit on domains for years.
> As for new TLDs some of them make sense such as .hosting for website
> hosting companies as an example, but ones like .wtf  are just silly.
> As for .au its just going to be another extension to add to the hundreds
> we have already got.
> We don't really need it, as we already have for personal domains
> and if we are going to continue down this path, we might as well dispose of
> the organisation and just open up the entire .au namespace.
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