Hi All,
Is there some common SIP provider or soft switch system between "Southern 
Phones" Commander and Engin?

We're helping a client with a "some people can't call me" type issue

The client is currently with Telstra (NBN) for internet and voice. 
But before that they were with Optus NBN (same complaint "lots of people can't 
call me") for internet and voice.
Before that they were with Commander NBN for internet and voice.
Before that they were with Telstra.
Disaster waiting to happen right? Let's try to port our numbers like a thousand 

Anyway the long short of it is now it's broken - they can't get any calls from 
"Southern Phones" Commander and Engin phone numbers.
It seems to me like some sort of a stale record somewhere.

Any insights would be appreciated.



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