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Tell the customer to call their supplier and tell them to make a complaint to THEIR supplier? Sounds like someone's cut-rate piece of junk service is causing troubles.


Thanks to everyones on and off-list suggestions.
I've now been on the phone to hostduplex in the USA.
They're aware of the problem, it has affected quite a few people it would seem and their comment is that "what we've been doing is to whitelist your server". They say they should have it done in "a few hours".

It's always a little difficult - my customer talks to me because it's a mail problem. My mail server is taking his mail, and attempting to deliver it properly. The other end is rejecting it. The other end is not the intended recipient, merely some overly-restrictive mail filtering "service" outside my control and outside my customers control.

I had to actually fight to even get to someone to talk about it because "you're not a customer" - I've experienced that enough times before too.

Then it's a real mess...

Thanks again everyone.
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