2019-06-24 10:16:34 -0400, Chet Ramey:
> Bash-5.0 patch 3 made some changes here; what version are you using?

Just tried with the current head of the devel branch from today

In an empty dir:

$ mkdir -m a=r readable
$ mkdir -m a=x searchable

$ bash5 -c 'printf "%s\n" */.'
$ bash5 -c 'printf "%s\n" */\.'

$ bash5 -c 'printf "%s\n" */\./.'
$ a='*/\./.' bash5 -c 'printf "%s\n" $a'

Those last two are different from the one I was trying before
(5.0.7(4) IIRC) which were (correctly) returning searchable/./.

That's more consistent now in its wrongness.


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