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>> Last, for portable scripts blank detection is currently not
> locale-dependant.
>> For tokenization only the SPC and TAB code points count, as the default
>> members of the blank charclass. Recognizing additional members of a
> locale's
>> blank charclass is undefined behavior. Adding default members from
> ISO-646 is
>> possible, but not likely. 
> What makes you say that? IIRC both bash and yash explicitely made their
> tokenisation locale dependant for POSIX compliance. (I do agree it's not
> desirable though) 

2.3 Token Recognition, rule 8:

"If the current character is an unquoted <blank>, any token containing the
previous character is delimited and the current character shall be

<blank> is defined in 3.74 as

"One of the characters that belong to the blank character class as defined
via the LC_CTYPE category in the current locale. In the POSIX locale, a
<blank> character is either a <tab> or a <space>."

So unless you say that portable scripts are restricted to the POSIX locale,
which you may be saying, blank detection during tokenization depends on the
current locale.

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