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Project:                    1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2
Issue ID:                   1086
Category:                   Shell and Utilities
Type:                       Clarification Requested
Severity:                   Editorial
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     New
Name:                       Mark Galeck 
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Section:                    2.3 Token Recognition 
Page Number:                2347-2348 
Line Number:                74742-74755 
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Date Submitted:             2016-10-12 09:49 UTC
Last Modified:              2016-10-12 09:49 UTC
Summary:                    Token "Recognition" is misleading and the usage of
"word" in that section should be clarified.
In the section heading "Token Recognition", the verb "recognize" is clearly
used with meaning 4 in Wiktionary: "To realize or discover the nature of
something".  If not, there is not another meaning (at least not in
Wiktionary) which is more applicable.  

On the other hand, if you look at the section on Shell Grammar, you see
what it does for tokens, is it finds "identifiers" for them.  The verb
"identify" here is used in meaning 1: "To establish the identity of

So we can see that the two meanings are essentially the same, either
completely the same or so close that the confusion between "Recognition"
and "Identifiers" is inevitable.  

In fact, the section "Token Recognition" is not about "finding identifiers"
at all.  

This section does two things:
1.  (Mainly) Token Separation (not Recognition)
2.  (Secondary) Decide if a token is "operator" or "word".  

However, the "word" as used in Section 2.3, is not the same as "WORD" in
the sense of Shell Grammar.  Given that these two are in closely related
sections on token processing, I think the potential for misleading the
reader is great.   
Desired Action: 
Change the section 2.3 name from "Token Recognition" to "Token Separation",
or "Delimiting of Tokens".

Before the rules in section 2.3, include the paragraph: 

In addition to finding beginnings and ends of tokens, this section also
classifies tokens as operators or non-operators ("words"). 

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