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Reported By:                Mark_Galeck
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Project:                    1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2
Issue ID:                   1091
Category:                   Shell and Utilities
Type:                       Error
Severity:                   Editorial
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     New
Name:                       Mark Galeck 
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Section:                    2.10.1 Shell Grammar Lexical Conventions 
Page Number:                2375 
Line Number:                75895-75896 
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Date Submitted:             2016-10-18 11:55 UTC
Last Modified:              2016-10-19 05:51 UTC
Summary:                    Some "WORD tokens" do not have "the associated

 (0003430) kre (reporter) - 2016-10-19 05:51
I think the issue is not what should be done, but when it should be done.
Most of your (Mark's) points have been about adding precision to the spec.
Here, you're suggesting removing it (though probably not intentionally).

Eg: to use the for loop example, the text in says ...

     First, the list of words following in shall be expanded to generate
     a list of items. Then, the ...

That's certainly probably sufficient to say what should be done, though it
(without any assistance) would be a little wishy washy on exactly which
expansions are expected to apply.

But it says to do it "first" - which clearly means before executing the
list of commands with the var set to each value in turn (that's the "Then,
the ..." that I didn't bother quoting as it isn't directly relevant here.

But it puts no initial bound on exactly when the expansion should happen,
just provided it happens before the list is (repeatedly) executed.  With
only those words, an implementation may feel free to expand the words as
they are parsed, for example.

That's what the text under question is trying to avoid - it makes it clear
that the expansion is to happen as late as possible before the values are
needed - and while the words it uses to say that might not be the best
possible, and could perhaps be improved, simply deleting them is not the

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