I wrote:
> And I believe the standard does clearly require the ksh88/bash
> behaviour because of this statement in 2.2.3 Double-Quotes:
>     Enclosing characters in double-quotes ("") shall preserve the
>     literal value of all characters within the double-quotes, with the
>     exception of the characters backquote, <dollar-sign>, and
>     <backslash>
> There is nothing to suggest that this does not apply to the characters
> which, when unquoted, have a special meaning within bracket expressions
> ('!', '-', "[.", etc.)

Furthermore, there is clear evidence from 2.13.1 that double quotes do
affect special characters within bracket expressions:

    A bracket expression starting with an unquoted <circumflex> character
    produces unspecified results.

Note the use of "unquoted".

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