Martijn Dekker <> wrote:

> Op 10-04-18 om 15:59 schreef Joerg Schilling:
> > Whom do you call "current ksh93 lead developers"?
> As far as I can tell from what's going on at the github repo, Siteshwar 
> Vashisht and Kurtis Rader currently appear to be in charge of its 
> development.

I am still in hope that David will soon again be the "leader" again. He 
understands the internals of ksh and he is one of the guys at AT&T that made 
important decisions on many interfaces.

BTW: I started to become the Bourne Shell maintainer in 2006, but it took 7 
years for me to become able to make enhancements that need an in-depth 
understanding of the data flow in the shell. ... even though I maintain my own 
other shell since 1984.

Do not expect newcomers to be the right decision now and be careful about the 
changes they introduce. They did e.g. remove code just because they don't 
understand it...


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