Robert Elz <> wrote, on 13 Apr 2018:
> That is, your comment that the text in 2.2.3 which says "shall preserve
> the literal value..." is not universal throughout the spec as you implied.

I maintain that the requirements of 2.2.3 are indeed universal.

> If it doesn't always apply, then we need extra text to say in each case
> where it matters, whether it applies or not

I disagree.  If a general rule doesn't always apply then extra text is
only needed in each case where it does not apply.  That text already
exists in 2.2.3 (where the general rule is "all enclosed characters
are literal" and the exceptions to that are explicitly stated).

Note that whilst extra text is not *needed* regarding quoting inside
bracket expressions, I would have no objection to some sort of explanatory
note being added to lessen the chances that readers fail to realise that
the quoting rules still apply inside bracket expressions.

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