Robert Elz <> wrote:

> I know it is irritating to duplicate text, and if they were truly the same,
> I would not advocate it, but glob patterns and RE patterns are just
> different - only the char classes look kind of similar (and even there we
> need to do the '^' -> '!' substitution) but aren't really.   In an RE class
> the only way to get a literal '-' is to make it first (after ^ iif it is 
> there)
> or last.   That's not true of glob patterns, perhaps just by accident of
> that implementation in the Bourne sh (I do not recall quoting being
> possible to enter a literal '-' in 6th edition sh glob patterns but my
> memory might be lacking) - perhaps deliberate, I have no idea.

The 6th edition glob command did not implement escaping via '\\' at all.


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