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Issue ID:                   1108
Category:                   Base Definitions and Headers
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Name:                       Szabolcs Nagy 
Organization:               musl libc 
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Section:                    limits.h 
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Date Submitted:             2016-12-09 17:00 UTC
Last Modified:              2018-07-12 11:43 UTC
Summary:                    LONG_MIN must be <= -2147483648

 (0004052) shware_systems (reporter) - 2018-07-12 11:43
Re: 4050: 
Those compilers are presuming it is required that -2^N is a trap
representation on all platforms, and are therefore only suitable for a
subset of C conforming platforms, as this is a reliance on undefined
behavior, from POSIX perspective. It only guarantees the behavior within
the limits *_MIN to *_MAX, not defines anything for values outside what has
been specified. The C standard leaves it implementation-defined, and to
clarify that ambiguity POSIX is, with this bug note, making it explicit
it's a non-trap value for a given bit-width to be aligned with the majority
of existing practice and other parts of the standards that require this.

This change does not really preclude those types of compilers, either, that
I see. A platform can have additional compilation environments that
document that this is what has been chosen as the C conforming behavior.
This change just affects the standard POSIX environments getconf is
required to report about and when _POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined. It was also
brought up that there could possibly be more compilation environments
defined, for trap and non-trap variants of 1s-complement and
sign-magnitude, but since only one known processor family makes use of
1s-complement in hardware, and none sign-magnitude or 2s-complement with
trap, this was not considered a priority. 

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