Robert Elz <> wrote, on 10 Aug 2018:
> For this, I'd suggest rewriting the offending paragraph of 2.6 to be:
>       Tilde expansions, parameter expansions, command substitutions,
>       arithmetic expansions, and quote removals that occur within a single
>       word expand to a single field. It is only field splitting or pathname
>       expansion that can create multiple fields from a single word. The single
>       exception to this rule is the expansion of the special parameters $* 
>       and $@ as described in Section 2.5.2.

> I do note that the (curently) proposed resolution of issue 1193 also contains
> a similar change, in the context of also allowing brace expansion (if it is
> supported) to also add more fields, but consideration of that issue won't
> occur for a long time yet, and would not be affected by including this change
> now, so I'd suggest making it as part of the resolution of 1123, and then 1193
> (if it is not abandoned or rejected) can further modify it.

I don't see the need to have an intermediate fix in 1123; it will just
create extra work to edit both bugs.  They will both go into the next
update to the standard, whatever that is (TC3 or Issue 8).

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