Stephane Chazelas wrote in <>:
 |2018-08-08 19:19:56 -0500, Eric Blake:
 |> (I wish I could point you to mailing list archives, but
 |> points to gmane, which \
 |> is no
 |> longer functional, and I don't know of any other web archival visiting \
 |> the
 |> Austin list)
 |Note that while the gmane web interface is not fully functional,
 |the NNTP interface is (not very useful to give links though).

I have to put the comment: luckily they keep that going.  Plain
NNTP is easy text, and important, not only to me.

 |The autin-group-l ML is now also at
 |Earliest message from 2016-08-02.

..and these guys know what they are doing and "can" their
environment.  If someone would ask them and could provide the data
they likely would join the missing history in.  They did so for
me, and joined the history of two different lists (predecessor on
public hoster and new privately hosted) for me; just like that:
fantastic!  They could not do it faster for something as important
as this list here either.

 | could be updated
 |to point to that. Most useful would be if the opengroup exposed
 |those archives using the gmane web interface (which IMO is by
 |far the best around) somewhere on (the gmane tools
 |have been published as free software IIRC).
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