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Reported By:                stephane
Assigned To:                
Project:                    1003.1(2016)/Issue7+TC2
Issue ID:                   1147
Category:                   Shell and Utilities
Type:                       Enhancement Request
Severity:                   Editorial
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     New
Name:                       Stephane Chazelas 
User Reference:              
Section:                    ls utility 
Page Number:                2923-2927 
Line Number:                96644,96693,96785->96793 
Interp Status:              --- 
Final Accepted Text:         
Date Submitted:             2017-06-15 20:41 UTC
Last Modified:              2018-12-06 16:31 UTC
Summary:                    ls -l -F/-p and symlinks

 (0004173) geoffclare (manager) - 2018-12-06 16:31
On page 2925 line 96693 section ls, change:<blockquote>Write a <slash>
('/') after each filename if that file is a
directory.</blockquote>to:<blockquote>Write a <slash> ('/') after each
pathname if that file is a directory.</blockquote>
On page 2926 line 96767 section ls, add a new paragraph:<blockquote>In the
formats specified below, except where specified otherwise the
<tt><pathname></tt> field shall consist of the file's pathname and, if the
-<b>F</b> or -<b>p</b> option is specified, any indicator character written
after the pathname as described for those options.</blockquote>
On page 2926 line 96769,96771 section ls, change "filename" to "pathname".

On page 2927 line 96791 section ls, change:<blockquote>... the
<tt><pathname></tt> field shall be of the form:<pre>"%s −> %s", <pathname
of link>, <contents of link></pre></blockquote>to:<blockquote>... the
<tt><pathname></tt> field shall be one  of the following 
forms:<bl><li><pre>"%s%s∆−>∆%s", <pathname of link>, <link type
indicator>, <contents of link></pre></li><li><pre>"%s∆−>∆%s%s",
<pathname of link>, <contents of link>, <file type
indicator></pre></li><li><pre>"%s%s∆−>∆%s%s", <pathname of link>,
<link type indicator>, <contents of link>, <file type
where <tt><link type indicator></tt> is an at-sign ('@') if the -<b>F</b>
option is specified, or an empty string otherwise and <tt><file type
indicator></tt> is the required indicator character, if any, for the file
resolved from the symbolic link if the -<b>F</b> or -<b>p</b> option is
specified, or an empty string otherwise. If pathname resolution fails when
following the symbolic link, this shall not be treated as an error and the
<tt><file type indicator></tt> field shall be an empty string.</blockquote> 

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