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Name:                       Robert Clausecker 
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Section:                    yacc 
Page Number:                3415, 3425–3426 
Line Number:                15000–15006, 115422–115425, 115447–115452 
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Date Submitted:             2019-07-10 21:23 UTC
Last Modified:              2019-08-14 10:03 UTC
Summary:                    yacc: yychar is mentioned but not further specified

 (0004518) Clausecker (reporter) - 2019-08-14 10:03
By request of Joerg, I'd like to clarify the intent of this report:

An LALR(1) parser as generated by yacc performs a lookahead of up to 1
character to determine the correct parse action.  Due to the way the parser
is constructed, such a lookahead token does not exist at all times.  The
parser needs to keep track if a lookahead token exists because that makes
the differences if a new token must be read before the current token can be

Traditionally and in all yacc implementations I know, the lookahead token's
number is stored in yychar while its value is stored in yylval.  Two
special values with implementation-dependent values exist: one value to
indicate that the end of the input was reached and another one to indicate
that no lookahead token exists.  The symbolic constants YYEOF and YYEMPTY
are used by these two in yacc implementations by Robert Corbett (i.e. bison
and byacc); other implementations seem to have no symbolic constants for

yacc provides one mean to modify the lookahead token: the macro yyclearin
discards the lookahead token.  Before discarding a lookahead token, it is
useful to know what the lookahead token is and whether it exists, otherwise
yyclearin may or may not discard a random token.  To do this, we can check
the value of yychar and compare it with the number for “no lookahead

This is possible in all yacc implementations known to me as they all work
the same: yychar and yylval hold the lookahead token with yychar holding a
special value (often -1 or -2 but I think I recall 0 being used, too) to
indicate no lookahead.  Since the state of the lookahead is only accounted
for through these two variables, actions can modify them arbitrarily.

It is however not possible to do this portably as there is no way to find
out what the number for “no lookahead” is.  This is why I am asking to
specify such a number, following the precedent in two popular yacc

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