Hi Eric,

> > On HP-UX 11.11, mbstate_t is not defined by <wchar.h> unless _XOPEN_SOURCE 
> > is
> > set to 500. (Even when _HPUX_SOURCE is set!)
> What happens if _XOPEN_SOURCE is set to something larger than 500,
> implying a newer standards version?

Then it is as if the flag was not present at all. On HP-UX 11.11,

<sys/stdsyms.h> contains:

#if defined(_XOPEN_SOURCE)
#  if (_XOPEN_SOURCE-1+1) == 500
#     ifndef _INCLUDE_XOPEN_SOURCE_500
#        define _INCLUDE_XOPEN_SOURCE_500
#     endif
#     ifndef _INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE
#        define _INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE
#     endif

<wchar.h> contains:

#        ifdef _INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE
#             include <sys/_mbstate_t.h>
              extern int mbsinit __((const mbstate_t *));

> > I have submitted a patch so that autoconf sets this flag by default. But 
> > there
> > are so many INSTALL files which only recommend CC="cc -Ae", that IMO this
> > needs to be handled by the gnulib 'extensions' module as well.
> >     Ensure mbstate_t is defined on HP-UX 11.11.
> >     * m4/extensions.m4 (AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS): Require
> >     AC_CANONICAL_HOST. On HP-UX, define _XOPEN_SOURCE to 500.
> This begs the question - should autoconf's AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS also
> be doing this, rather than just relying on _AC_PROG_CC_C89?

Yes, I believe so, because
  1) the user have set CC and CFLAGS himself, or
  2) the user might be using CC=gcc, and I don't know whether fixincludes
     handles this problem.

> Also, your proposed patch only touched the C89 tests; what about C99?

Indeed. The mbstate_t type and mbsinit etc. functions were not part of
C89 + appendices, they were introduced in C99. Therefore, the
-D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 option should better be added to the detection of flags
for C99, not C89. (But be careful to use it only for HP-UX! On other systems,
this flag is very likely to cause damage.)

OTOH, AC_PROG_CC (which is what nearly every packages uses) assumes the
user wants C89, not C99. Hmm?


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