* Irek Szczesniak wrote on Sun, May 22, 2005 at 04:49:11AM CEST:
> In my configure.in the AC_OUTPUT macro produces the fsclien.sh script. 
>  This script does not get installed.  I want this file to have the 
> executable permission set.  The file fsclient.sh.in has the right 
> permissions, but unfortunately they do not get transferred to fsclient.sh.

Do it like this:
AC_CONFIG_FILES([fsclient.sh], [chmod +x fsclient.sh])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([other config files..])

  info Autoconf 'Configuration Files'
for more info.

BTW, this is an Autoconf question rather than an Automake question (but
it's really difficult to tell unless you already know the answer :).


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