On Aug 9, 2017, at 9:00 AM, Bob Friesenhahn <bfrie...@simple.dallas.tx.us> 
> Passing a relative path to CC seems error prone since it only applies to the 
> current working directory and will fail as soon as any Makefile recurses.

Maybe you have a better answer to this related question: is there a portable 
alternative to GNU readlink’s -f option?

On a Linux box, I’d get around the problem you raise with: 

    $ ./configure CC=$(readlink -f ../../llvm-arm-toolchain-ship/3.8/bin/clang)

On other platforms, you can install GNU coreutils, but since there is often an 
OS-provided readlink implementation, you then have to have extra code to look 
for greadlink or similar and run that instead.

Is there a better way?

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