Dear all,

I am working on the C project e-antic [1] which also contains a (header
only) C++ interface. Most of the tests are written in C but the ones
testing the C++ interface are of course in C++. I am facing difficulties
to make it work properly.

The current automake setup is as follows

 - / for the C code compilation and the C test programs

 - /e-antic/test/ for the C++ test programs

First of all, I would be happier with only one but I am not
sure it is easily feasible. Secondly, when running "make check" in VPATH
builds the C++ test programs fail to find the header files (it works
fine when the source tree and the build tree is the same). The relevant
instructions in /e-antic/test/ are

LDADD = ../../

and I believe that they are wrong. Though I was not able to fix them.



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