Redoing the tests with 1.16g I now have 9 failed tests, the
    testsuite.log is attached.

Thanks much for giving it a whirl right away.
But are those failures anything new? 

FAIL: t/fn99subdir
FAIL: t/lex-clean-cxx
FAIL: t/lex-depend-cxx
FAIL: t/test-extensions-empty
FAIL: t/subpkg
FAIL: t/subpkg2
FAIL: t/subpkg3
FAIL: t/subpkg-yacc
FAIL: t/vala-mix2

They don't look like anything that was touched in these small changes
since 1.16.4; the only real purpose for the release is to get back to
the historical Python directory behavior.

At least the lex/yacc stuff hasn't worked with Solaris tools for quite a
while. There are a number of open bugs relating to Solaris at 
but no one has come forward to look into them. (They will never make it
to the top of my list to work on, sorry to say.)

Thanks again,

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