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   bf> I thought that systems deriving from OpenSolaris (e.g. Illumos,
   However, testing in an empty directory on a system without the
   upated ksh93 this looks ok to me:

Bob, what you wrote before (approx. a year ago) is here:

Ending with:
 Behavior of ksh93 (which has a bug) appears to depend on the PATH
 setting so it will behave differently if /usr/xpg4/bin or
 /usr/xpg6/bin appear in the path.

Maybe that is why you didn't see the behavior just now?

Yes, that must be the case.  I updated my PATH to avoid the behavior.

In any case, if a broken "rm -f" still exists in a free system as late
as last year, it seems premature to me to force this change now.

It does still exist in many deployed systems which have not yet been updated. In a year or two there will be fewer systems which lack the updated ksh93.

I grant Moritz's point that the ubiquitious "test -z ... || rm ..."
adds noise when trying to understand Automake recipes, but IMHO that is
not enough reason to induce this incompatibility.

The cost is more a matter of lost execution time due to the fork/exec than annoying noise.

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