On Fri, Apr 8, 2022 at 6:30 AM Bob Friesenhahn
<bfrie...@simple.dallas.tx.us> wrote:
> Today I saw an announcement for a new version of gzip.  It provided
> lots of data for how to verify the downloaded tarballs.  I recently
> saw a very similar announcement for a new version of libtool. I am not
> sure where the template of this announcement text is coming from, and
> if anyone has validated that recipients will be able to make sense of
> it.
> The problem is that the advice in the announcements regarding use of
> 'gpg' just doesn't work (commands fail),

That was my mistake, and I fixed it last night. We updated the
generated and recommended gpg-key-fetching command to be a wget
command that fetches from savannah. I presumed that it would just
work, but that was not true. I fixed it by adding my gpg key in the
"public information" section of each project for which I'm already
listed as an authorized uploader.

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