> On 4 Oct 2022, at 23:58, Karl Berry <k...@freefriends.org> wrote:
> With Zack's latest Python fixes, I was hoping to move towards an
> Automake release, but I find myself stymied by apparently random and
> unreproducible test failures. I haven't exhausted every conceivable
> avenue yet, but I thought I would write in hopes that others (Zack, past
> Automake developers, anyone else ...) could give it a try, and/or have
> some insights.
> For me, running a parallel make check (with or without parallelizing the
> "internal" makes), or make distcheck, fails some tests, e.g., nodef,
> nodef2, testsuite-summary-reference-log. The exact tests that fail
> changes from run to run. Running the tests on their own succeeds. Ok, so
> it's something in the parallelism. But why? And how to debug?
> Nothing has changed in the tests. Nothing has changed in the automake
> infrastructure. Everything worked for me a few weeks ago. Furthermore,
> Jim ran make check with much more parallelism than my machine can
> muster, and everything succeeded for him. That was with:
>  make check TESTSUITEFLAGS=-j20
> Any ideas, directions, fixes, greatly appreciated. --thanks, karl.

Is there a way to ask your distribution's package manager
which upgrades/downgrades were done in the last N weeks?

It'd also be helpful to see the actual failures, although
as Paul notes, make --shuffle with latest non-released
make could help debugging.

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