Hi all,

The 11th China Linux Kernel Conference (CLK) will be held on Oct 22 in 
Specific date:2016/10/22-2016/10/23
Meeting place:Fudan University, Yangpu District, Shanghai

You can refer to http://www.ckernel.org/ for more details.

The pity is that the webpage is written in chinese,which will probably get the 
people who dont'know Chinese into trouble.
so please allow me do a breif introducation about CLK.

CLK aims to promote the development of open source technology in China,

and give the opensource fans opportunity to communicate face to face.
According to the plan, the conference is held once every year.

Many well-known enterprises to provide sponsorship costs this year.
such as IBM, Intel, Fujitsu, Huawei,MEIZU...

Of course, Many famous universities and interest groups also support and 
participate in this conference,
including Tsinghua University, Fudan University, AKA Information Technology 

Welcome everyone to participate in the conference.

The list of topic as following:
2016 CLK 演讲话题一览(排名不分先后)
Topic Speaker 公司/组织
利用和扩展 Linux内核功能管理大规模生产环境中的Linux容器资源,  李光成, IBM
Avocado: The Next Generation Test Framework Used For Virt Test,  魏建刚, 富士通
Linux Performance Profiling and Visualization , 宋宝华、 刘勃、 徐西宁, LEP开源项目小组
Design and Implementation of Distributed Transaction for Ceph Distributed 
Storage,  汪黎, 国防科技大学
Optimizing the Linux Kernel Swap Subsystem, Ying Huang,  Intel
Efficient Kernel Backporting, Alex Shi, LINARO
虚拟化平台多核扩展性的研究, 杨伟,Huawei
CRIU Introduction, Chao Ye, Redhat
KVM on ARM ,赵祯龙, 浪潮
KASAN 在 OpenStack 云计算平台上的调试经验 ,Gavin Guo/��亮, Canonical
Linux on Hyper-V - A Status Report, Dr. K. Y.Srinivasan,  Microsoft
VFIO-based Mediated Pass Through - KVMGT as an Example, Jike Song, Intel
The Principle and Practice of Ftrace ,吴章金 ,魅族
阿里内核高性能统计模块的实践 ,宋卓(文侑), Ali
System z 上的 Channel I/O Pass-Through ,石东佳, IBM
Introduction of New Virtio Crypto Device , Gonglei(Arei), Huawei



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