Hello Avocado users and developers,

Since its release on May 16th, 2016, the Avocado project released the
first LTS version, committed to provide a stable version that could be
used on production environments with minimal disruption.

The original idea was to maintain those releases for 18 months, and
within such a time, a new LTS release would have already been released
for a few months.  This overlap of active LTS releases are meant to
give users the chance to deal with the changes between those versions
and migrate to the newer version.

In practice, we are now, declaring the End-Of-Life of the 36.x LTS
releases.  It has been about 21 months since its release, and around 8
months since the release of the new LTS release (52.0), so we hope
no users are still running 36.X.

For more information on what LTS releases mean, please refer to the
follow link:


And do not hesitate to contact us for any other issues or questions.


Cleber Rosa
[ Sr Software Engineer - Virtualization Team - Red Hat ]
[ Avocado Test Framework - avocado-framework.github.io ]
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