We're in good shape for releasing 71.0.  There's one (old) issue with rpmlint 
errors, but that's low impact. 


Test Plan: Release Test Plan
Run by 'cleber' at 2019-08-15T08:04:03.256826

PASS: 'Check status of master branch': 
PASS: 'Avocado source is sound': 
PASS: 'Avocado source does not contain spelling errors': 
PASS: 'Avocado RPM install': Did not installed python-avocado-* 
python2-avocado-* due to package conflicts with python3-* versions
FAIL: 'Avocado RPM lint': 
PASS: 'Avocado Test Run on RPM based installation': 
PASS: 'Avocado Test Run on Virtual Machine': 
PASS: 'Avocado Test Run on Remote Machine': 
PASS: 'Avocado Remote Machine HTML report': 
PASS: 'Avocado VT': 
PASS: 'Avocado HTML report sysinfo': 
PASS: 'Avocado HTML report links': 
PASS: 'Paginator': 

avocado: c15f901f4f8d577be9e2831546b0790dc43c4b83
avocado-vt: 3307b19b35e4becf3342d17a093a335f7aee914a1

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