On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 4:01 PM, Patrick Avery <psav...@buffalo.edu> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've been working on adding yaehmop features to Avogadro. The work for Dr.
> Jochen Autschbach's class is pretty much complete (they are going to be
> trying it out), and I wanted to package the program on Windows, Mac, and
> Linux. Fortunately, I already know how to do it on Windows.

Windows is the one I know pretty well, and that should work for the most part.
> For Linux, after compiling avogadro, you can type "make package" and it will
> create several packages (including a shell script) that can be used to get
> avogadro on your system. Unfortunately, this package does not come with the
> OpenBabel shared libraries, so any action that requires them will fail on a
> system that does not have OpenBabel installed and its resources in the
> $PATH. There isn't some kind of command that will include the OpenBabel
> shared libraries when making the package, is there? I have tried just
> copying the shared object libraries into the directory, and it fixes some
> problems but not all (it doesn't crash saying that it failed to find
> external library functions, but the functions don't exactly work - for
> example, when reading a cif file, it fails and prints that it failed to read
> it).

We never invested any time in getting Linux packaging to work, so I
would be surprised if it worked. We mainly worked with packagers to
try and ensure it was widely packaged.
> For Mac (Geoff, you might be able to answer this), you can use the "make
> package" command as well. However, I fear this has the same issue as the
> Linux "make package." I noticed that we have .dmg files that we release for
> Mac builds. How are those created? I assume they include the OpenBabel
> shared libraries and .txt files that are needed for OpenBabel operations.
Geoff has some custom scripts he runs that are not in the build
system, I wasn't able to generate a DMG last time I tried in Avogadro
1, but as Geoff always made the DMG I didn't look into it much more
deeply. In Avogadro 2 I got this working within the build system, and
if you turn the flags on it will ensure obabel et al are packaged.


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