On 12/04/2021 10:46, Klaus Rudolph wrote:
> Thank you all so much for wasting my thread!
> Please do NOT answer, you all produced enough spam! Would be nice if
> someone can help on *MY* topic!
> Thanks!

Sorry, but that is not the way mailing lists or other public discussion
mediums work.  You don't own a thread.  You can /start/ a thread, and if
people are willing and able to give you help or advice, it's good that
they do so.  (You may note that several, including both Trampas and me,
have given suggestions - basically, there is no known ideal way to do
what you would like.)

However, you don't control a thread, and if it drifts and inspires new
discussions, that is a good thing as long as the posts are reasonably
topical for the list.

And please do not accuse people of producing spam until you understand
what the term "spam" means.  There has been no spam in this thread.

If you have any direct comments to the help you have been given so far,
then I am sure people will continue to discuss on that branch of the thread.

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