there is another good way to create a problem: If you use -MD to create
dependencies make can also crash with a strange message. This happens
mostly at the second run. Also here the "\" is the problem. The way to
get around this is use -MMD, remove the dependency files (mostly with .d
extension) and restart.  And whenever you are using paths within your
#include statement use "/".
That's all I've learned concerning dual usage of makefiles for M$ and
any UNIX / Linux


On 14.10.21 22:17, Knut Schwichtenberg wrote:


please remember were MAKE is coming from. "\" is an escape character
in UNIX so if you change your path delimiter to "/" it will work as
expected. BTW Windows can handle "/" instead of "\" except the the
command line IF does not accept "/".

It's not a bug it is M$😉.


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