There are several easy hacks to talk UPDI over any standard UART
device. These started with some advice from `pyupdi`[1] about how to
just use a 4k7 resistor on the TX line of any USB-UART bridge to turn
the thing into a half-duplex onewire. I now make and sell two separate
products on my Tindie store[2,3] for doing this and I also link to my
Device::AVR::UPDI CPAN module[4] containing another implementation of

I figure now's about the time for avrdude itself to have an
implementation too, so the standard AVR code-uploading tool can do it.

I'm imagining for example:

  $ avrdude -c updi-uart -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -p attiny814 ...

Would anyone like to have a go at this, based on these two examples? Or
failing that, give me a hand-hold at how to add new programmer support
so I can do it?



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