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FS#1269 - wrong method call in
User who did this - Julius (che)

The doubled post popped up when I tried to refresh the page. Sorry for that. (I 
see no possibility to delete it)

I think I found the cause: textbox:fit() returns different values for 0, 0 and 
-1, -1.

But base.fit_widget() never calls widget:fit() with negative values. (as it 
'clears' the input with local width = math.max(0, width) )

So when I call margin:fit(-1, -1) on a textbox it _does_ make a difference in 
the output of margin:fit(-1, -1). (With caching, again, the iput values get 
cleared to at least 0, 0)

I am not sure how :fit() should behave. Nevertheless when I want to get the 
overall size of an arbitrary widget (also those that are nested several times) 
I recusively use :fit(-1, -1) on those. It mostly works fine and behaves as 
expected. Except for this example when I use textboxes in layout.margins. It 
then underestimates the width of the textboxes/layout.margins. Changing the 
code as described above, fixes that for me.

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