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FS#1275 - Unwanted accidental screen changes caused by bogus xcb_generic_event
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

> After much foobar-ism, I managed to track this down to withcurrent being 
> called by an xcb_generic_event at
> #3 0x0000000000412e1a in event_handle_configurerequest (ev=0x1d93bd0)
> at /home/kde-devel/kde/src/awesome/event.c:345

You mean awful.tag.withcurrent, right? So firefox gives us a specific position 
for its window in a ConfigureRequest, we obey and put it at that position 
(which happens to be on another screen than what it is on currently) and 
awful.tag.withcurrent gets called due to the resulting property::screen signal.

Hm. Why am I not allowed to blame firefox here? :(

We could change event_handle_configurerequest() to just emit request::x, y, 
width, height, border_width etc signals, but (a) this would mean we would 
violate ICCCM (we have to take special action if we ignore the configure 
request) and (b) I don't see how this really helps with clients moving 
themselves to another screen during startup.

Also, I don't see *why* firefox does this at all. If it wants to restore some 
saved window position, then there is a proper, non-flickering approach for 
doing that. So it must be doing something else...?

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