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FS#1286 - Thunar crashes when the thunar tray icon has been displayed
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

The reason why the systray "grabs" icons, but doesn't let go of them again: 
Either the program just destroys its icon (this is handled via 
event_handle_destroynotify or _unmapnotify in event.c) or awesome exits, its 
systray window is destroyed and thanks to the magic of the save set, the 
embedded systray icons are automatically reparented back to the root window.

I am not saying that awesome doesn't do something wrong, but I am saying that 
this shouldn't make thunar crash. And from the backtrace in that bug report, it 
crashes in some GTK function that tries to access some systray icon's private 
data. No idea how that could possibly cause a segfault, but that segfault 
certainly is thunar's problem. When they fixed their code to complain instead 
of to crash when/if awesome does something wrong, then I can get a hint at 
what's wrong, until then this is certainly "their" bug.

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