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User who did this - David Gowers (laurtik) 

Attached to Project - awesome
Summary - MyPaint (GTK3/git version) cannot be fullscreened.
Task Type - Bug Report
Category - Core
Status - Unconfirmed
Assigned To - 
Operating System - Linux
Severity - Low
Priority - Normal
Reported Version - git/master
Due in Version - Undecided
Due Date - Undecided
Details - When running MyPaint (, attempting 
to enter fullscreen, either by the shortcut defined in-program (F11) for it, or 
by using Awesome fullscreen function directly (Super+f in my configuration), 
It fails in the following way: 

* The fullscreening is triggered
* It briefly (0.25s) enters fullscreen mode
* It returns to normal windowed mode (presumably, as soon as Mypaint is 
informed that its window metrics changed to fullscreen.)

This is regardless of what the current desktop's layout is set to, and whether 
the MyPaint window is tiled or floating. It does not occur on other WMs, or 
with other applications, whether they use GTK3 or not; Fullscreening anything 
else works fine for all other apps tested.

There is also a bug filed in mypaint's bugtracker about this, which may provide 
other information. It includes verification of this behaviour by someone else:

Distro: Arch Linux x86_64
Awesome version: ga113fe0
GTK3 version: git 3.13.8.r1.geb16410 . Also verified with earlier versions.
MyPaint version: git 2c0a296 . Also verified with earlier versions

More information can be found at the following URL:

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