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FS#1296 - Updated signal causes total relayout
User who did this - Vlad Leberstein (owl)

Thanks for all the replies! It's nice to see the problem gets more attention! 

As for the reference implementation, I need some time to fully grok what 
actually happens. At first glance your suggestion looks quite similar to what I 
came up with some time ago (except instead of :before_- and 
:after_draw_children I used draw coroutine :D)and it didn't work quite well 
because I couldn't find a suitable way to handle off-widget drawings(but my 
impression might be wrong).

Now I'm working on some proof-of-concept implementation too. The basic idea is: 
each widget consists of one drawing function(which are hierarchical in the same 
sence as current widget tree) and many regions, which are managed by it. Each 
widget can claim any screen space to be managed by it(i.e. region) and wibox 
dynamically creates/updates BVH tree for all the regions to efficiently 
traverse widgets, affected by "dirty region". 

More information can be found at the following URL:

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