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FS#1030 - Wine floating windows move to the right&down by themselves
User who did this - odin (odinreese)

I was having the same problem. Window sliding down and to the right.
This fix did not work for me either:

    { rule = { class = "Wine" },
    properties = { border_width = 0, floating = true } },

After trying this, I checked my theme.lua and there is an option 
theme.border_width = 1, changed this to:

     theme.border_width = 0

in rc.lua I still added:
   { rule = { class = "Wine" },
   properties = { floating = true } }, 

problem seems to be fixed for now. 

In my rc.lua my rules are as follows:
  awful.rules.rules = {
      -- All clients will match this rule.
      { rule = { },
        properties = { border_width = beautiful.border_width, 

As I understand it, you cannot set border_width to 0 since it is being 
initialized by beautiful's border_width. 
Since beautiful is the themeing library, I checked the script controling the 
theme via theme.lua and made the changes as previously stated.

Although in the sample rc.lua linked below, when I enabled the titlebars the 
problem persisted. 
   local titlebars_enabled = true
   if titlebars_enabled and (c.type == "normal" or c.type == "dialog") then

This is a sample of the rc.lua I am running:
This is a sample of the theme.lua I am running:
And theme wiki:

I know this doesn't have to with the theme but as awesome is handling the 
windows, but just gave the links to have a visual representation. 

AwesomeWM v3.5.5
ArchLinux x86_64


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