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FS#1296 - Updated signal causes total relayout
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

It's time for a new version!

This one adds an API change to make Elv13 (hopefully) happy:

- widget:fit(width, height) now not only returns its desired width and height, 
but also a third (optional) value: padding! The padding is a table that can 
contains keys "left", "right", "top", "bottom" (each optional). Each value is 
the number of pixels that should be additionally included in the clip area when 
the widget is redrawn. So if you return { bottom = 10 }, the widget will get 10 
more pixels to the bottom than what the layout decided for it. And all of this 
works with any transformation, so you can scale such a widget by factor 1.5 and 
rotate it by 45° and still the right result (well, it will include 15 pixels of 
space due to the scaling, so the unit isn't really "pixels" but "user space 

Hopefully this is enough for any kind of glow effect, but don't forget that 
other widgets could draw to that space before or after you, so weird results 
can occur...

(Implementation details: In a widget hierachy, each node knows the padding for 
its own widget and the padding including all the padding of its children. This 
is used so that a repaint knows which parts of the hierachy it can skip and to 
clip each widget to its padding)

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