> What's happening is that urxvt (like many terminal emulators) can only
> draw windows of some specific sizes based on the size of the
> characters (eg. x number of rows, and y number of columns.) So while
> you may have larger and the equivalent of say 80.4x20.1, urxvt can't
> do anything with this extra space.
> If you honor size hints, the windows will end wherever they can, and
> use as much space as they can, but leave gaps between windows if the
> total space isn't properly divisible. If you don't honor size hints,
> the windows themselves take up the extra room (but they can't do
> anything with the extra room, so they just leave it blank, and
> sometimes the transparency is a bit wonky in those "buffers").

The most concise explanation yet.
I have set size_hints_honor = true, accepting gaps into my life.
Since the terminal is supposed to show me my background in the extra
space anyway, it is barely visible and thus not a problem.

I am now happier.
Many thanks, tycho!

PS. I wonder how Dwarf Fortress will fare with awesome.

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