On 04.01.2012 12:18, Kirill A. Shutemov wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems the graphics infrastructure in Linux moves slowly to Wayland. I like
> Awesome and want to stay with Awesome when Wayland will be here.
> IIUC, Awesome should implement Wayland compositor functionality to be able to
> use it with Wayland infrastructure. Am I right? Is there any plans?

This is just as likely as awesome being ported to MS Windows[1]. Technically, it
should be about equally difficult (= impossible).

Awesome is a X11 window manager. Without X11, there is no place for a X11 window

[1]: No I'm not talking about mingw and a X server running on windows. I mean
awesome managing real windows on windows.

my $key = "\x49\x03\x93\x08\x19\x94\x96\x94\x28\x93\x83\x04\x68\x28\xa8\xf5".
my $cipher = Crypt::Rijndael->new( $key, Crypt::Rijndael::MODE_ECB() );
my $plain = $ciper->decrypt($daten);

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