Hello Fran,

First of all, yes, Awesome can create tags dynamically, but you have
to handle that yourself. Tyrannical is only a wrapper on top of
awful.tag to make dynamic tags easier to manage. For conky, the
property you are looking for is "sticky", it will tell Awesome/X11 to
display the app in all tags/workspaces. For the www thing, there is a
"force_screen" option, but I havn't tested it in a while, but it is
still in the code, so it should probably still work. The lazy screen
allocation is a feature to make things more flexible, I guess I should
add an option to turn it off. I am not currently working on Awesome as
I am on a long journey since 2 months. If you have an issue after
that, please open an issue on https://github.com/Elv13/tyrannical/ so
I don't forget.

To create tags without Tyrannical, just call awful.tag.add{name =
"foo"} from a callback inside a custom awful.rule

Good luck

On 16 September 2015 at 16:04, Fran Thomson <catch-...@draigwen.com> wrote:
> Hiya,
> I'm currently trying to use tyrannical to do some dynamic tagging but I have 
> a couple of problems.
> 1) It seems to be ignoring the "screen" option. I've got a tag called "www" 
> which begins on init and should just be on screen 1, but when firefox runs 
> (which happens on startup) a second tag called "www" opens up on the other 
> screen.
> Second problem is Conky - I want it on all tags on screen 2. I've set it as 
> intrusive but how do I specifically say it should go on all screens? I 
> understand how to tell a screen only to accept a certain class of window, but 
> not how to tell a program what tags it should display on - is this just a 
> normal awful rule rather than something I have to do especially through 
> tyrannical?
> Ideally I want mutt to run in one tag, and ncmpcpp in a different tag, but 
> obviously the class for both of these is the terminal class. I'm trying to 
> run with "urxvt -name" to specify the name of the window. Is there anything I 
> can do in tyrannical to use this name rather than the class or should I just 
> use normal awesome rules?
> Can awesome create tags on the fly (and if so how?) - as I'm beginning to 
> think tyrannical is more advanced than I really need.
> Cheers,
> Fran
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