On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 05:04:28AM +0000, Alexis BRENON wrote:
First thing you can try is to see if the key is not sent twice. You can use
xev for this. In my case, the XF86IncreaseBrightness key code was always
sent twice (I haven't found why)...

For any key combo of hyper+<letter> that is not bound (including other
keys I tried binding with the same effect to see if it was just the key
combo), I get only a press event for Hyper_L, a press event for the
letter, a release event for the letter, and a release event for Hyper_L.
For keys that are bound I get events like FocusOut, FocusIn, and
KeymapNotify events from xev.  So it's not that.  It's also not
happening on key release events -- if I hold the key down for a bit both
actions still happen immediately on the key press.

I've tried binding combos with other programs for Hyper+<something>
successfully, so I feel like awesome must be doing something.

Thanks for the suggestions, though.  Any other ideas?


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