I've had drag'n'drop problems while tiled with other programs as well. Most
notably dragging tabs in Chrome.

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> Hi,
> Today I found something strange and interesting and still a bug ; )
> I was not in "float" mode but in "tiling" mode and I had several clients
> (windows) on the screen one of which was the "Archive Manager" (Gnome) and
> another one was Nautilus.
> When I tried to drag a folder from the archive opened in the Archive
> Manager to the Nautilus in order to unzip it I noticed that I cannot do it.
> My mouse was returning back to the Archive Manager client and the
> drag-n-drop feature failed with stupid 'null' message. When I switched to
> floating mode I was able to unzip the folder by dragging and dropping.
> Do you know how this can be fixed?
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> Debian 8 Jessie, x64
> Thanks,
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